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Twitter Sells User Data to Advertiser

Grants access to two years of tweets

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Twitter Sells User Data to AdvertiserOne of the world's fastest-growing social networks recently partnered with an advertising company to help advertisers discover long-term trends in consumer behavior.

Twitter entered into an agreement with Datasift, a social data company that controls a platform enabling companies to gain business insight, to give the latter access to all tweets made publicly dating back to January 2010, according to a report from ZD Net. That means that the social network, which handles some 250 million tweets per day, has opened its users to having their postings be culled for information.

"The sheer volume of data being produced by Twitter represents a huge challenge for companies trying to extract insights from past events," said DataSift CEO Rob Bailey, according to the site. "[The company's information processing platform] Historics solves this problem, providing businesses with a platform to intelligently filter and extract meaning from two years Twitter data."

Eduard Goodman, the chief privacy officer for Identity Theft 911, maintains a blog about how social networking users can better control who they're sharing their sensitive data with.

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