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August 2013
The ABC's of Back-to-School Identity Theft Protection

July 2013
Old School Scams Make a Come back

June 2013
IDT911 June Newsletter

May 2013
Woman Battles ID Thieves Who Kept Coming—Like Zombies

April 2013
Fight Child Identity Theft With These New Apps

March 2013
America’s Tax Fraud Epidemic: How to Protect Yourself

February 2013
Which Dating Sites Are a Privacy Match Made in Heaven?

January 2013
Top 10 Privacy Threats in 2013

December 2012
The 10 Worst Government Breaches of 2012

October 2012
Cyberbullying: Stop Digital Drama With Our Parent Response Plan

September 2012
NFL Guys Should Really Think About Identity Theft, Between Sacks

August 2012
Companies Go For the Gold In Data Security...and Tumble

July 2012
Cyberbullying Victims Slap Parents and Schools With Lawsuits

June 2012
Everything You Need to Know About the LinkedIn Breach

May 2012
Shoddy Background Checks Can Cost You a Job

April 2012
Fight for Your Right . . . To Protect Your Reputation

March 2012
How You’re LinkedIn to Identity Theft

February 2012
Which Tax-Filing Websites Make the Grade?

January 2012
New Year, New Start to Protect Your Identity and Data

December 2011
2011 Year of the Breach

October 2011
10 Surefire Ways to Get Your Business Hacked

September 2011
Protecting your medical info, just what the doctor ordered

August 2011
The 5 Worst States for Identity Theft

July 2011
How to Protect Your Accounts from Wire Transfer Fraud

June 2011
How to Shield Foster Kids from an Invisible Enemy

May 2011
Say I don't to wedding scams with these expert tips

April 2011
Epsilon Attack Underscores Trend in Vendor Breaches

March 2011
Tax Fraud: The #1 Type of Identity Theft

February 2011
Thief of Hearts

January 2011
Privacy Goes Big

December 2010
From Apps to Zeus

November 2010
Make a Grinch Grimace

October 2010
Fighting for Their Lives

September 2010
Fraud in the Quad

August 2010
Stolen Childhood

July 2010
Stay Grounded in the Cloud

June 2010
Facebook Backlash Spurs Privacy Movement

May 2010
Debt Tagging

April 2010
When Your Life is an Open (Face)book

March 2010
Tax Fraud: When the IRS Sees Double

February 2010
Exploiting the Dead

January 2010
2010: Accountability 2.0

November/December 2009
The Holiday Give-and-Take

October 2009
The Ground Forces

September 2009
Academia at Risk

August 2009
You’re Nothing but a Number

July 2009
The Digital You

June 2009
Medical Identity Theft Goes Prime Time

May 2009
Massachusetts' Battleground for Consumer Protection

April 2009
New Tools to Combat Identity Theft

March 2009
Tax Season Threats

February 2009
New Year, New Threats

December 2008
The Perfect Storm

November 2008
Saving Lives, Fighting Crime…Invading Privacy?

October 2008
Exploding Plastic Inevitable

September 2008
Who's in Your Wallet?

August 2008
Mining the Golden State

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