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The Top 5 Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen

The Top 5 Signs Your Identity Has Been Stolen
By Admin
March 13, 2013
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You have your credit cards, driver's license and Social Security card safe and sound in your possession, so your identity should be secure, right?

Not necessarily. These are some signs that indicate your identity has been compromised.

1. Tax W-2 Forms Arrive In The Mail-If you start receiving W-2 forms for companies you haven't done business with, there's a good chance you're a victim of Social Security identity theft. Contact your local law enforcement and the company to report this fraud.

2. Your Credit Card Is Denied-A credit card denial could indicate your account has been overcharged. Check your account right away to find out if the charges filed for the account are correct. If you spot errors, contact the provider immediately to report the theft. If the account appears to be error-free, contact the provider to ask why the recent purchase attempt was denied.

3. Packages Arrive At Your Home/Office-If your credit card number has been stolen, but your default shipping address is used, you might receive surprise packages at your door. If this happens, contact your credit card provider to change your account information, and then arrange for the merchandise to be returned, putting the credit back on your card.

4. Bill Or Debt Collectors Contact You-Receiving a call from a debt collector could be an indication that someone is establishing accounts using your personal information. Write down information about the debt, and if you have documentation showing the debt is not yours, mail copies of it, along with a letter asking for no further calls, to the debt collector and yourself at the same time. It's recommended that you mail this with a certified receipt.

5. Your Credit Score Changes Dramatically-Check your credit reports with the three reporting bureaus once a year. If you see errors on your reports, or if you receive your credit score and notice a big change, your identity may be compromised. Contact each of the bureaus to flag your credit and begin the process of correcting the errors.

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