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The President Wants You, Yes You, to Think Beyond Passwords

The President Wants You, Yes You, to Think Beyond Passwords
February 9, 2016
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Change your passwords. Use strong passwords. Include characters.

IDT911 thought leaders have said it again and again. Now, the leader of the free world is spreading the word about the importance of following basic steps to protect data.

The White House released a cyber security plan on Tuesday. And NPR's Aarti Shahani writes how President Obama took things even further:

"In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Obama says he wants to 'encourage more Americans to move beyond passwords — adding an extra layer of security like a fingerprint or codes sent to your cellphone.' It's a message you'd expect from IT support, not from the leader of the free world."

Learn more about password security with these IDT911 tips.


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