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On Mother's Day, Give The Gift Of Identity Protection

On Mother's Day, Give The Gift Of Identity Protection
By Admin
May 8, 2013
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A mother does everything in her power to protect her children - that's a given. On the day devoted to celebrating moms and all they do, why not change the equation and give Mom the gift of protection against identity theft? While identity theft affects people of all ages, the growing trend of identity theft among seniors makes it a good time to offer help to Grandma, too.

For those stumped for gift ideas, consider these presents that will keep on giving (just don't forget flowers and a card, too).

• Identity theft protection service. Maintaining constant vigilance against identity theft takes an incredible amount of time. Protection services, available through many insurance companies, credit unions, credit reporting agencies, and community banks, can do the job so Mom doesn't have to. They provide the expertise and action needed to reduce the risk of identity theft and stop it in its tracks if it starts.

• Protective bags and wallets. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips embedded in credit cards and passports have given identity thieves new ways to scan and then swipe important information from unsuspecting victims. Anti-RFID bags and wallets block scanning attempts and help keep identities safe.

• Time and knowledge. There's no price for it, but simply giving Mom a bit of time, and helping her protect her computer, smartphone and other gadgets against identity theft, is a wonderful gift. She might not be aware of the multitude of scams out there, so helping her identity phishing, spam and other key identity risks will be an enormous help.

• A shredder. Those documents that just get thrown in the trash without a second thought could be putting Mom at risk. Giving her a shredder, along with a guide of what to shred and when, will help to protect her.

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