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Consumer Online Privacy Concerns Remain High

Mistrust of businesses with personal data up

Thursday, January 31, 2013
Consumer Online Privacy Concerns Remain High

Though overall consumer worry about their ability to protect their privacy online is down, the amount of distrust they carry for companies which control their personal information is rising.

Today, 89 percent of people say they worry about their own privacy online, down from 90 percent last year, but at the same time, 43 percent say they're not sure companies handling their personal data are doing all they can to protect them, and that's up from 41 percent, according to a new survey from the privacy firm TrustE. Consumers also seem to have the most privacy concern when shopping online (89 percent), but many also worry about using social networks, online banking services and even email (87, 86 and 82 percent, respectively).

Further, 72 percent say they are more concerned about their privacy when they use their smartphones than a year ago, the report said. In addition, 81 percent of those polled said they don't believe their smartphone apps protect their privacy.

Eduard Goodman, chief privacy officer for IDentity Theft 911, writes regularly about the privacy dangers consumers face when sharing information online and with mobile devices, as well as what they can do to better protect themselves.

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