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April 2012

Google Allegedly Knew it Collected Wi-Fi Data

Category: Data Security and Privacy Was controversial Street View mapping activity deliberate?

Malicious Attacks Increased Considerably Last Year

Category: Internet Security Hackers trying harder to steal sensitive data

Authorities Seize Stolen Card Marketplace Websites

Category: Internet Security U.S. government shuts down 36 illegal domains

Massachusetts Residents Plagued by Breaches

Category: Data Breach 3.16 million affected by thousands of incidents

Obama Now May Not Veto CISPA

Category: Data Security and Privacy President could be planning to back down

Many Hospitals Suffer Numerous Breaches Annually

Category: Data Breach Number of multiple incidents for many grows

Privacy Experts Worry About Mobile Payments

Category: Data Security and Privacy Say purchase data can be too available

Healthcare Data Breaches Causing Employee Concern

Category: Data Breach Workers responsible for two recent, major incidents

Hospital Identity Thief Sought by Police

Category: Authorities seek suspect in dozens of crimes

Privacy Policies Found To Be Confusing

Category: Data Security and Privacy Users less baffled by credit card bills
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