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The Cause Behind Breached Records Surging 600 Percent in California

Category: Data Breach The volume of large-scale data breaches rose in California, compromising more than 18.5 million records in 2013, according to the report by the state Attorney General's Office.

ID Theft Ring in Minnesota Attempted to Steal $2 Million

Category: Data Breach An identity theft crime ring operating in Minnesota attempted to steal more than $2 million from victims, according to a release by the U.S. Attorney's Office of Minnesota.

Mobile Security Incidents, Costs Spike This Year

Category: Mobile Security A recent survey found improper mobile security cost more than 4 in 10 businesses over $250,000, according to a report by IT security firm Check Point.

44,000 Arizona Retirees Notified of Breach of Social Security Numbers

Category: Data Breach The Arizona State Retirement System experienced a data breach that may impact almost 44,000 retirees in the state, The Arizona Republic reported.

FCC Fines Companies $10 Million for Not Protecting Consumer Privacy, Security

Category: Internet Security The Federal Communications Commission announced a $10 million fine for two mobile companies in the U.S. after they lacked key security measures, marking the first time the FCC had a data security case, according to the FCC release.

Transcript Service Provider Finds Vulnerability in Breach of 100,000 Records

Category: Data Breach Transcript service NeedMyTranscript announced a data breach that may have compromised the records of nearly 100,000 users, The Washington Post reported.

Staples Investigates Payment System Breach, IT Security Experts Raise Concerns

Category: Data Breach Staples is investigating a potential data breach after several banks have detected fraudulent purchases connected to the office supply retailer, KrebsOnSecurity reported.

Sourcebooks Reveals Online Shopping Cyberattack Impacting 5,200 Customers

Category: Internet Security Book publisher Sourcebooks announced cyberattackers were able to inappropriately access customer information in a data breach, according to a notification letter.

Credit Card Owners Avoiding Stores Hit By Data Breaches During Holidays

Category: Data Breach A survey found 45 percent of payment card owners said they would not shop at retailers hit by data breaches, according to

Marquette University in Wisconsin Experiences Data Breach

Category: Data Breach Marquette University in Wisconsin began notifying students of a server data breach that left the confidential information of graduate school applicants visible for short time period, the Journal Sentinel reported.
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